Outthink Downtime



Agency: OgilvyOne
Client: IBM Germany
Role: Creative Director / 3D & Screen Design
Year: 2015 Germany

Generate Customer Engagement for IBM‘s unique predictive maintenance offer. Focus on encouraging the production units of interested companies to use IBM‘s Predictive Maintenance Software Solution. 


We realized that production teams are at the heart of their companies. It’s vital for these companies that their production units and assembly lines do not stand still but keep functioning. They keep the factory working. So we put the production teams (our target audience) at the very heart of our campaign. Literally. Both in a website and a banner campaign. In doing so, we demonstrated how important the production lines are and how IBM’s Predictive Maintenance Software Solution helps them.


IBM - Introduction

IBM - Universal Translation

IBM - External Influences Internal

IBM - Intuitive Work

IBM - Perfectly Networked

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