Scent Alarm



Agency: OgilvyOne

Client: Nescafé Global
Role: Art Direction 

Year: 2014 Germany

Pressing the shape

How everything began - First dummy out of paper

Defining the parts

Including the mechanics

Testing the hardware

First test run

Painting the Scent Alarm

Final Dummy - Front

Final Dummy - Side

The unique design and sensory brand experience of the NESCAFÉ Scent Alarm is immediately recognised by young guests – perceived as surprising, new and convenient. The alarm and coffee making aspect was quickly taken up, leading to a positive perception change about NESCAFÉ product quality. Based on these results, a wider production run with expanded functionality is currently being planned, extending the capacity and providing direct connection with smartphones. Letting us bring the NESCAFÉ Scent Alarm home to our users and entertain them 365 days a year with a delightful wake up experience.

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