Moto Waganari

Agency: OgilvyOne

Client: Artist Moto Waganari
Role: Screen & Motion Design
Year: 2012 Germany

The Challenge
The artist Moto Waganari asked us to develop a digital show and sales room for his most recent collection. But how do you make his art tangible? The polygon sculptures come across like crossovers between reality and virtuality. Only when you give them the right amount of space they unfold their true fascination and arouse real purchase interesset.

The Idea
TOUCH THE UNTOUCHABLE. The first gallery that lets you touch everything that is not tangible about art and that takes the viewer along on the journey – from virtual reality to real virtuality and back again.

The Solution
Thanks to an innovative interface, users can discover the digital archetype of the sculptures as seen from unknown perspectives. Users will cross the border between the digital and the real world by touching the works of art with the mouse, by giving them a new shape and by having them materialize in a real London gallery. Acoustically and visually, users are accompanied by Waganari’s gallery owner who accepts purchase requests directly, like in a real gallery.

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